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Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry - Hogsmeade Scotland - Highland UK
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1984, a perfect circle, aliens, alternate universes, alternative, anarchy, anti, anti-berlusconi, anti-bush, anti-fascism, anti-government, anti-politically correct, anti-style, art, asimov, beauty, being anti-berlusconi, being anti-bush, big brother, bitching, blood, body lotion, books, bottom, buddhism, cannabis, cheese, chocolate, cinism, culture, darkness, death, deja vu's, dissent, donnie darko, doubt, drawing, dreaming, dublin, elves, emotions, end war, enlightenment, equilibrium, eyes, feet, focaccia, foreign languages, free speech, freedom, friedrich nietzsche, friends, fritz, george orwell, ghandi, harry potter, having fun, hermann hesse, horror movies, hume, idealism, incenses, internet, irish coffee, irony, japanese culture, jim caviezel, justice, kant, knifes, laughing, life, lj, logos, lord of the rings, love, maynard james keenan, meditating, metaphysics, mindfuck movies, moon, music, mythology, nature, night, no war, nonviolence, open minded thinking, paradoxes, pasta, pasta al pesto, peace, perfumes, philosophy, pizza, plato, protest, ranting, reading, red pill, resistance, samurai, sarcasm, sci-fi, shannara, singing, ska-p, skepticism, socrates, spain, spring, stephen king, suicide, summer, suntan, swimming, swords, symbology, symbols, taking baths, telepathy, terry brooks, the animatrix, the matrix, the matrix community, the matrix trilogy, the one ring, thinking, tolkien, tool, travelling, truth, ufo's, uncommon views, v for vendetta, viggo mortensen, wachowski brothers, water, wind, writing, zen, Ænema
I'm 24, Italian, crazy, paranoid and antisocial. I'm a physics student.

I hate people in general, adore books of any kind (well, almost) and have a weird fascination for anything mindfucking. I sincerely believe I live in some sort of Truman Show/Matrix, though I accept the possibility I'm actually not. I don't really believe in anything, not even that the sun shall rise tomorrow, not even that I don't believe in anything.

I love philosophy among other things, and water, and stars, and druggish music. Druggish anything, really. I also love chocolate, cats, the sky, spring and cheese. I couldn't live without writing.

I sincerely believe in the existance of wizards, witches and muggles, and am unconditionally in love with Stephen King. I ADORE A Song Of Ice And Fire. Couldn't imagine an existence without it.

I hate all forms of racism and am feminist-oriented. The thing that I really cannot stand is voluntary closemindedness, bigotry; every type of voluntary mental minority.

My greatest dream is to witness the end of the existable (in other words, to be the last piece of existable to stop existing). My second greatest dream is to reach the borders of the knowable. My third greatest dream is just to travel the most I can. My fourth greatest dream is to become a true cinic/skeptical, or else a zen monk.

I don't like to have people I know from real life to read this journal. So if you're one of them, get going plzkthx.

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